Introduction and Description

CryptoCards is an ERC721 compliant decentralized application (DApp) running on the Ethereum Ropsten Test Network. The ERC721 specification is a work in progress with the goal of establishing a standardization of non-fungible token contracts.

In this sense, the CryptoCards DApp provides a demonstration platform for the purchase and resale of unique, non-replicable digital assets maintained on a cryptographically secured blockchain.

The CryptoCards DApp can be accessed using the MetaMask plugin and freely obtained Ropsten test Ether. See this article for instructions on how to install the MetaMask plugin and request Ropsten test Ether.

CryptoCards was developed by The Institute for Applied Sensibility in collaboration with the Moonlight Mining & Trading Company.

It is free to use the CryptoCards DApp - please send us your comments, questions, suggestions, criticism, and praise by emailing

Donations and Support

If you wish to support the research and development of the Institute for Applied Sensibility, use any of the following payment methods:
Bitcoin: 1CL1nSHx13urBwgVKRbxMWQo5HejdTJqZj
Ethereum: 0x3032Ed2453E4E542c543E2c70270b3b879B5A7Be
Litecoin: LMY7QNFBJMtU4NWhdSjwDg7zxbxZgAg8Kj