Beer Scud Blues

by Ronald Joe Record

Full moon skiddin' cross the scud in the sky
Mud blood guts and beer spillin' on the rye

Hot tub hair a hangin' like moss from a tree
Smells like Texas clear up to my knee

Mouth harp's a whinin' 'bout a girl back home
Pianer player's tears clean the ivory bone

Feller from Cleveland's got some stinkin' weed
Smokes it in the bathroom and it hasn't got a seed

Drinkin' and a thinkin' and a prancin' and a dancin'
Tryin' to rope a heifer's like gamblin' and a chancin'

Barkeep says he's gotta close up tight
Take it home, try tomorrow, don't get in a fight

Headin' down the highway, headlights on the moon
Thinkin' 'bout movin' to Montana in june

In bed all alone i turn the lights down dim
Roller coaster rivers take me for a swim

Dreamin' of a Dallas whore sittin' on the throne
The whole damn world wants to hear her moan

"Gimme mud an' gimme blood and gimme guts an' beer"
She shouts it out atop the pot for all the world to hear

But when she pulls the handle, the bathroom starts to shake
Walls are a crumblin', it's a California quake

Wake up in a sweat, got a tear in my eye
Full moon skiddin' cross the scud in the sky

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