Bitterness 1.1

by Ronald Joe Record

The steel of your hatred, the blade of disgust
	knifing effortlessly through my soul
The heat of your anger, the coals of your lust
	igniting fires, unspent and cold

Sweet poesy - distant, alone and abused
	failing in silence undone
Awakened embittered, embattled, confused
	unturned phrases unspoken unspun

Offering a life of devotion and love
	met with stubborn demands
Attempting to struggle beyond and above
	the incessancy of fate's cruel commands

You lift your mind's mirror to mine eyes
	reflecting an image of I
The presence within me afraid, fades and flies
	before the vision i cry

Thoughtless rejection of lover and friend
	I lay scorned and covered with scars
Unfeeling and shattered, hope near it's end
	praying helplessly unto the stars

Yet, if love hath the power to o'ercome lies
	and truth be much stronger than dust
Our eyes may soon lift toward kindlier skies
	whilst do as we will what we must

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