Freedom Rider

by Ronald Joe Record

Full moon skiddin' cross the scud in the sky
Headlamp piercin' thru the night like a knife

Cool wind a whippin' cross my face as i ride
My bicycle and me on a moonlight drive

Reflectors are gleamin' as i whip along the bay
Illuminated ankles trace arcs along the way

Bent close to the alloy as i speed through a turn
Sittin' tall in the saddle as i cruise by the ferns

No gas guzzlin' monster, no fume spraying sphinx
No odius repugnance, no obnoxious stink

In silence we slip thru her scent and her sound
Nocturnal airs mixing with fragrance unbound

Ridin' and pumpin' and shiftin' and turnin'
Freedom's the fuel i'm joyfully burnin'

Wheelin' rhythmically high past the lighthouse i fly
Full moon skiddin' cross the scud in the sky

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