Ode to the Bicycle

by Ronald Joe Record

Oh! Wheeled wonder! Spoked splendor!
Thine seat is a throne, thine pedals a home.
Thou annointest me with the dignity of sweat
And bestow upon me strength, stamina, and breath.

Oh, how sweet the scent of thy pathways!
Clinging quietly to lane and levee,
Stealing stealthily past home and factory,
'Tis fromm the bosom of thy frame that i drink.

Oh, bike, i find myself in thee and thee in me.
My days are made full and my nights rest full because of thee.
Mine hands are filled with pleasure at thy touch.

Yeah, toil and struggle are rewarded with view and downhill.
'Tis by thine hand that vile gaseous vapors vend no more.
Yes, the birds of the air and fishes of the sea thank thee.

Unto thee i come daily and in sleep i dream of thee.
Know thee me not ?
Hast thou not delivered me lo these years ?

Ah, sweet bicycle, companion of my youth
Thou hast remained true and i have not forgotten how.
As i have grown and changed, so too have you.

So let us don our helmets with anticipation,
And strap our leggings with glee
As once more we set out on the journey begun in youth
Astride the elegant efficiency of thee.

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