Ode to Work

by Ronald Joe Record

Thou annointest me with praise and promotion,
Thou favorest me with perk and party,
Thy paycheck and thine project are mine.

Oh, how sweet the scent of thy sweat -
The blessed perspiration of thy success.
Tis from the bosom of thy factories that i drink.

Oh, work, i find myself in thee and thee in me.
My days are made full and my nights rest full because of thee.
Mine hands are filled with pleasure at thy touch.

Yeah, toil and struggle are rewarded bi-weekly and with bonus,
Thou transformest my labor into gaseous vapors vent from volvos,
Mine actions into rent offerings unto the Lords of the Land.

Unto thee i come daily and in sleep i dream of thee.
Know thee me not ?
Hast thou not kept me and fed me lo these years ?

Ah, Lord of Labor, know this -
Tis i that have fattened you,
Tis i that spent my soul for thy fortune.

Yet, give me pause this day to thank you.
For twas my gift, my labor of love.
And i have fathered for you many products.

So let us take our luncheon long and lay beneath the sun.
Twas labor in painful pleasure that brought us forth,
And we, in labor, bear both sweet and bitter fruit.

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