Slabor of Lub

by Ronald Joe Record

This is not the poem i wrote for Thanksgiving
but it is the poem i just wrote

Oh, how i slabored for your love

delaybered and jaybird for yer gov

I even flavored your belabored glove

    I writ and i quit and i writ smore
    I print and i sprint and i copy galore
    I even threw a fit soze i could git l'amour

        Darken, lighten, reduce and indent
        Hearken, brighten, deduce and tint
        This laboratory love is so circumspent

    Oh, how i slabored for your nub
    beneighbored and trailered fer yer grub
    I even savored your disfavor wid my stub

Oh, how i slabored for your love

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