Another One

by Ronald Joe Record

Maybe read the other one

Or another one

I'm on this side
You're fastin round sta pasta beens

Your first story's told and i'm growin' old
Faster slippin' down i'm on the devil's playground
Cry left in loud; I cleft in cloud; My deft am proud
    Bling bing da blou
    Dum du dum ba dum

First are the children, first are the children
Women and children then my head comes off
In the name of hunger in the mane of money

Here to ask is this the effort of our time ?
    And i'm not here
    No, i'm not here
    Over there. Up there.
    Like they might have said, It hurts It hurts It's ...
    Bee Doo Bulll Buuuh Releee

Shivering shimmering shivaree
Release cry cheek chin sleepy might as well
    Cause i can
    Feel your skin
    Silky smooth smart and sassy
    I want ya want ya want ya

What kinda love what kinda love what kinda love
Ya want i give ya want i give ya want
Stars come out. And i think of you.
Why'd ya have to be so cool ?
Why'd ya have to stop so soon ?
I love you; you know i do.
You're crazy and so am you.
I mean, i am too.

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