We Can Do It

Written October 06, 2001 Copyright, Ronald Joe Record
by Ronald Joe Record All Rights Reserved

We divide by zero
      and carry the remainder in our heads
We have our cake and eat it too
We fish and cut bait
We know what we've got before it's gone

We lead the horse to water
      then we make him drink
We make silk purses out of sows' ears
We teach old dogs new tricks
We can tell a book by its cover

We take it with us
We say the seven words
We get there from here
We stop time and slow traffic

We put square pegs in round holes
It gets better than this
We're in two places at the same time
We cheat fate and deny destiny

We're friends and lovers
We go up and don't come down
We snooze and we don't lose
Exceeding the speed of light
      we meet ourselves in the past

We hold a candle to it
We put our finger on it
We see the forest for the trees
We believe our eyes
      and we believe our ears

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