by Ronald Joe Record

The enemy of Circumstance
     Struggles vainly
Against the situational ropes

His hands writhe in agony,
     Restlessly wrestling
With the phantom figures
     Of Fate and Predicament.

He develops a plan of battle.
     To overcome the power
         Of Points, Times, Places, Events.

He leaves himself phone messages.
Associates exclusively with people
     Whose names contain colors.
Eats Alliteratively.

Gradually, he feels himself
     Rising above
The tyranny of accident.

At last, the web of Destiny
     Falls before the blade
Of the circumstantial warrior!


The phone rings.
It's Violet Green.
They go out and eat
     Potatoes, popcorn, and pomegranates.


The winds of Fortune shift
A chuckle of thunder escapes the clouds.
The Captain of Circumstance
     Motions for his phantom friends.

"That one gave us the slip
     For a few weeks
With that banana bread business.

Now that we're wise
     To his formula for freedom,
Let's feed him some franks
     In France with the Fuchsias"

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