Learning To Cry

Written September 2, 2002
by Ronald Joe Record
Copyright, Ronald Joe Record
All Rights Reserved

Four hundred miles of asphalt and concrete
         Four hundred miles of telephone wire
Is all that holds you to me
         Like the ashes of last night's fire
Imprisoned by what might have been
         I take refuge in my dreams
Wondering if i'd been a better man
         We'd now be laughing at life's bitter schemes

Who can dam this river of fate ?
         Filling the Devil's Punchbowl with my tears
Crossing the Valley of Death, my senses numb
         Feeling for the first time my heart's deepest fears

I dropped you off in Big Jim's parking lot
         Division bells were ringing
As your lips parted in farewell
         The weeping angels were still singing
Passing the exit for Zzyzx Road
         I know i'm near the end
Can this trip get any worse ?
         I enter the City of Sin
Old fat men with big boobed bimbos
         Hideous sounds and gaudy lights
Lever pulling zombies parody the parody
         Night is Day and Day is Night
No river cryed, no salty sea of tears
         Could quench this Devil's thirst
A city of unrequited love, unfulfilled lust
         An eternity of longing, cursed
I return to the shores of our friendship
         Crusty salt rusts the tips of my wings
Resuming my pose by the river
         I can still hear the angelic strings

Why taunt me with visions of heaven
         When i'm trapped in a soul that can't fly ?
Let me sit and remember her laughter
         For i've only been learning to cry