The Cuff

Written May 16, 2002 Copyright, Ronald Joe Record
by Ronald Joe Record All Rights Reserved

With this cuff
        I thee unwed
This friendship cuff
Obliterates Erases Eradicates Removes Undoes
        my love

With this cuff
        I never loved you
I don't love you
        I will never love you
I won't love you
        It's a no love cuff
I will not kiss you
        I have never kissed you
Tasted your lips
Felt your breath         Touched your hair
I will never hold you
        Dream of you
        Caress your face

With this cuff
        I pledge my silence
Never again to express
        My feelings for you
Never again to open
        My heart to you

With this cuff
        I welcome death
I rejoice in the anticipation
        Of peace
        An end to the suffering
An end to a life
        Without love

With this cuff
        I conjoin our friendship
And pray for the grave
And the cold unfeeling dirt

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