In My Dream

Written June 27, 2002 Copyright, Ronald Joe Record
by Ronald Joe Record All Rights Reserved

I dreamed you were sitting quietly
         Eyes closed; breathing deeply

In my dream you inhaled sunlight
         Your feet and hands grew into the earth
         From your belly sprouted rivers and streams

Long blonde dream hair became green grasses
         You eyes opened to reveal two blue suns

In my dream this vision of you
         Lifted me high above the sky

I looked down as the Earth dwindled below
         Your eyelight still visible
         The oceans your blood

I rose higher, breaking into billions of stars
         All shining just to illuminate you

The heavens fell in love
         With your sunlight eyes and fertile valleys
         With your crescent smile and alluvial lips

In my dream the sky strained to touch you
         Stars rained down, streaking to kiss you
         Burning to ashes as they fell

I felt my billion points of light extinguish one by one
         Slowly I disintegrated, my love a self consuming fire

And in my dream, the night sky darkened
         The heavens disappeared

You raised your eyes and wondered
         What the show was all about

You lay your head atop the mountains
         Stretched your legs to fill the valleys

Your eyes closed and stilled the last light
         As you gently fell asleep