The Periodic Table of Moonlight and Roses

Written September 25, 2001 Copyright, Ronald Joe Record
by Ronald Joe Record All Rights Reserved

Words tumble and transform
Acronyms and Pseudonyms
        appear and re-appear

She's an undiscovered element
        of the periodic table

Phrases convolve
Meaning emerges

Atomic number: random
        Inscrutable, incalculable, transcendental

In splashes of mirth
And dances of dearth

She is cleaning out the temple
Scattering petals on the walk

She mixes a drink
        of moonlight and roses
Invents a new dance
Slapping Pushing Weaving Hooping

Eyes piercing the heavens
Feet clutching the earth
Ineffable, mysterious
Moving in rhythm and in rhyme

She's looking for the missing piece
She's putting it all together

Her eyes flaming swords
Her words a river of truth

A fluvial roadside attraction
She slows traffic and stops time

She sees the greatest danger
        dreams time's trivial fate

Sneaking into the holiest of holies
She has a piece of the fortress
She holds the key to the rock

Fearing mediocrity
Shunning the mundane
Beauty and Justice are her names

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