Aborted Love Tatoo

by Ronald Joe Record

Maybe read another one

I snuck into the holiest of holies

To write this poem for you
Like a tatoo
A permanently etched scrawling requiring laser surgery, maybe, to remove
A permanently enscribed scribbling expressing my admiration and love for you
An admiration denied expression. A love denied trial.

Our praying mantis love
You snapping off my head with your jaws
Me idiotically and obliviously continuing to pump into you
Two sticky stuck dragonflies not knowing our love had ended long ago

I performed open heart surgery on myself
Scraping out the remains of my love for you
Cleaning out the virus you left lodged in my valves
I super-glued my broken heart and closed the chest cavity over it for good

You took your wings off
And i lost mine
Falling twin towers exploding
Shoveling the rubble and remembrances

Here is my uncensored love song gone wrong.
Here is my love poem abortion for you.

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