Our First Kiss

Written May 31, 2002 Copyright, Ronald Joe Record
by Ronald Joe Record All Rights Reserved

I know you don't remember
        Our first kiss
Your hair leaning into me
Like a blonde waterfall
The fragrance of your breath
        The look in your eye

An unspoken word

Our lips touching

Your arms surround me
        Feeling your body next to mine
Slipping my hand down your heart
        Breath within your Breath
Heart within your Heart
        Rhythm beating plate o' shrimp

That first kiss awoke me
        Ressurected lover, heart in hand
Everything after
And all before
        Grown from those garden hips
        Lip shaped ships

I know you'll never love me
        Never hold my faith
        Reach for me in need
        Caress my aching face

I know you'll never be mine
You've untravelled paths to follow
Our's is only a comfortable pause
More than a stolen pleasure
Less than a life's treasure

Still, i want you to know
        Thankful i am
Of all the love you've sprung in me
        The poems, the songs
You are like a mother to me
        I'm all fresh and new

Isn't that funny
        I want to love you
        But you won't let me
        And i compare you to my mother!
Nevertheless that's the way i feel
        You have mothered in me
        A new joy
An end to a life
        Without love

And so with this cuff
        I conjoin our friendship
And pray for our love
Our circled band to meet

It's so hard to fall out of love
Please give me time
        To tell you all i know
        To let you know just how i feel
Exactly what we'll miss
Me loving you
And you loving me

Only a miracle can save this
A divine rearrangement
        Of the planets and stars
A magical transformation
        Of our minds and hearts

You are not mine
Nor never will be
I am yours
If you need me
I am here

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