Bar Napkin Poetry by Renaldo Recuerdo

Soaked Bad Bar Poem Entropy and Beer The Bard Tender Bad Bar Party

Ok. Think.
A bar.
My mommy home
This I could ask my shampoo
Line if in fact
I'm slipping
On vaseline and fuschias

Obliterating words
with beer sweat
and time

Like passing fancies
they dance and squirm

Beneath the bottle
of scrutiny and death

Why bother
to write
or think

Just drink

Stretching reaching
She gropes for the muse
Fingers flipping
Flying effortlessly

Confident and cool
Seeking comfort and inspiration
Her hands work
Animated by strings
Does she know ?

I was at a bad bar party
Girls were putting their tops on
And guys were dancing (badly) on the tables
I left.

Bar Napkin Haiku

Easy write haiku
Hard flowing water and ice
Words rising in steam

Tom Robbins haiku
Florid chronicle of time
Freedom and chaos

A rhyming haiku
Something beautiful and rare
Hanging words in air

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