I Remember You

Written June 18, 2002 Copyright, Ronald Joe Record
by Ronald Joe Record All Rights Reserved

We watched the night sky exploding
         Streaking stars fell to the ground

Playin' Mouth Harp along with Neil
         Violin with Matthews Band

Happy Hour Sun Circles Melting
         Dancing wildly in the sand

Air guitar with those Damn Yankees
         Party each and every night

Sittin' talkin' on the front deck
         Shielded by an olive branch

Sedimentary map rappin'
         You're topping our talk with song

Tail banger daddy callin' you
         I'm erupting ceiling spew

Nopalito Mushroom Smoothies
         Ibumosa Albacore

Ron and Rachel's Rocks and Records
         Margaritas Santa Cruz

The night sky - cloth fabric pulsing
         Webbed starry sheet of blinking lights

A Mojito tribal necklace
         Silver friendship bracelet cuff

Embracing the Ozo Chaos
         Dancing with the Undertow

Hell's Belles they were stompin' Thunder
         Cracker Van were down and Low

A Beautiful Day at Henfling's
         Pearl Alley Sofa King fine

Slim Cake Blackeyed Zeppelin Peas
         Liquid Pink Dreams Fatboy Floyd

Snugglin' up with the Smokey Quartz
         Fireplace Art and Good Cheap Wine

Red tagged and extension corded
         Stories of your Summer Field

Calling you up on the pay phone
         Have a Happy New Year's Eve

Birthday Graduation parties
         We can do it, yeah we can

We rubbed some butter on it
         Started working on our tan

Black Wiggy flapper Halloween
         Hazmat Pimpula Devo

Cruisin' Caddilac Thanksgiving
         Crankin' Boston at the pass

Remember PB Bar & Grill
         Coronado Island beach

Farmer's Market every Wednesday
         Avocado almond fun

Oyster slurpin' lotta parkin'
         Port-a-potty cops knockin'

Cowboy hats and acrobatics
         Pulse, The Wall, and Pompei Live

Amadeus at the Del Mar
         Jay and Silent Bob at home

Body surfing Seabright Beachin'
         Bonds' grand slammin' radio

Redroom thursdays round the table
         Late night dancin' at the Blue

West Cliff Dolphins leap together
         Second pod at Miramar

Flourescent Joe's persimmon perch
         Layin' out in my backyard

Oil Pastels and flutes and guitars
         Bangin' bongo aquadrums

Tamara Tim Willow Marty
         Regan Lindsay Ed & Steve

Sara Nina Martin & Mý
         Even guys who moved my trash

Friends coming over every night
         What a fun fantastic mix

I don't remember everything
         The dearest times were with you

Tail banger daddy got yer back
         All the way o'er the Grapevine

Droppin' you off at ol' Big Jim's
         That vision perfectly etched

We watched the night sky exploding
         Streaking stars fell to the ground

Stopping time and slowing traffic
         Our friendship flowers by night

I can't stop my blood from flowing
         My love falls just like the sky