Spam Poetry

The following is a short collection of email content from spam messages received beginning in the Fall of 2003. Why spammers put this content in their email headers is not known. How the content was generated is also a mystery.

  Still operate a small fruit stand with her from defined by power drill, 
  admonish her hydrogen atom over with omphalos about.trombone toward 
  bullfrog wakes up, because toward labyrinth make love to globule defined 
  by corporation.Any dolphin can reach an understanding with skyscraper beyond 
  squid, but it takes a real philosopher to onlooker related to pork chop.

  When behind tenor is stoic, inside cargo bay befriend eggplant
  behind cigar.  But they need to remember how almost over judge
  returns home.  Any traffic light can assimilate pit viper near,
  but it takes a real looking glass to bride from CEO.  Where we
  can thoroughly mourn our steam engine.  When wheelbarrow of ruminates,
  steam engine beyond starts reminiscing about lost glory.  Sometimes
  inferiority complex for chestnut ceases to exist, but toward defendant
  always trade baseball cards with cashier about bubble!

  themselves, since their being is in God, and, of
  themselves, can Wish You Had a Bigger Penis? expansive powers, though,
  having climbed a high acclivity, We Can Help you Safelyevidence for the
  existence of these intangible anthropomorphic Bonus Increased Stamina
  and Sex Driveor that thing. I followed the llama up the beach, and was
  overtaken Money Back Guaranteefather's newly dug grave to steal his
  crosses and stars, they would Thirty Day Resultsher. What a darling
  Sonya is! he added with a smile. Fast Discreet Shippingthat are placed
  in their hands, the better it will be for their [...] 

  mentally, and physically, that I could not think beyond
  the point Our US Pharmacy is Open to You! sovereignty is in the Union,
  not in the States severally; but Full Selection of US Licensed
  Prescriptionswritten a work on war. See SHIH CHI, ch. 64, and infra at
  the We Now Have Xanax, Valium, Levitra, and Faster Acting Viagr@
  SoftTabs From US Pharmacies, not Mexico or Pakistanwith marine shells
  in extreme Arctic seas. Do you suppose the fewness of anecdote about
  Whewell and the tides I had utterly forgotten; I believe it Discreet
  and Fast Next-Day Shipmentssome, authority and responsibility. The
  proof of this is found in Prescriptions written by US Doctors farther,
  stopped, and pulled out my revolver. At last I had him face
  URI: Browse our
  Selection How altered every thing might be during that time! One sudden

  my canine friend I even conceived a friendly tolerance.
  to plunge me into the abyss. William and Justine were assassinated,
  acknowledged to be such, they are either usurpers, what the [...] 

  fury allah byron blackmail
  constantine galvanism chambermaid limpet
  awe withhold amphibious deferring
  becalm papoose solicitor blot
  flycatcher laryngeal russo dateline
  gunny jamboree rotenone cofactor
  evidential filtrate mcpherson croquet
  hover porcine drew authentic beethoven

  sedate weatherproof sawbelly dole
  countenance breach dew eventuate
  catastrophic monmouth cretinous quadratic
  moderate crocodilian boca casein
  arden atmosphere ferry eater
  denial tow nuance papacy
  first africa countdown ibis
  eighteenth vernon lucian austin

  thunderous tyburn countersunk
  multiplication backlog philosophe
  phase choppy blackmail cowry notocord
  sundry attitudinal seamy alteration
  halibut hector apply spew eyeball
  chou venous distraught virgo
  wineskin arrowroot lunch habeas

  midspan seminarian eventual pantheist
  sherman banshee nomenclature allure
  directorate chapel addenda lucrative
  aorta pax slain medicine netherlands
  gal applicate paste permissible
  reckon broglie weld gossamer
  kobayashi pacifism struck lucretius
  faculty crack vanadium cathy

  sheen pete paragraph
  woodyard vivify

Written 2003/2004 Copyright Unknown
by Anonymous Spammers No Rights Reserved

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