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Thanks to the wonderful people at The Project on People, Computers and Design for compiling this interesting and useful set of buttons, buttonbars, icons and doo-dads. Special thanks go to Christian Mogens.

Paragraph dividers -------

Stanford Logos Stanford

Icons for all occasions !

Arrows and Buttons !

Dingbats ????

How to make buttonbars Stanford CS dept PCD grp

Local Users:

Don't copy the graphics to your HTML directory, just use the URL of each image in your document (the <IMG SRC=...> tag) to refer to that graphic. That way you avoid keeping extra copies of all these GIFs around.

Non-Local Users:

Get your site administrator to download the file mentioned below. Please do not include links to the gifs on their server as they don't have the capacity to serve gifs for everyone's homepages. Also their server may be undergoing surgery/hacking and the gifs will be unavailable.

Site Admins

Please contact about mirroring these images on your site.

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