Calculate and graphically display Julia and Mandelbrot sets

Authored and Contributed by
Ronald Joe Record
Copyright 1993, 1994 Ronald Joe Record
The mathrec source code is freely redistributable. The author maintains binary distributions for Caldera OpenLinux 3.1, OpenServer, UnixWare 7 and Open UNIX 8. These distributions and the source code are available via:

Binary Distributions
OpenLinux/Open UNIX ftp://ftp2.sco.com/pub/.../RPMS/mathrec-1.1c-1col.i586.rpm (no longer available)
UnixWare 7 ftp://ftp2.sco.com/pub/skunkware/uw7/Packages/mathrec-1.1b.pkg
OpenServer ftp://ftp2.sco.com/pub/skunkware/osr5/vols/mathrec-1.1c-VOLS.tar

Source Code Distributions
Source RPM ftp://ftp2.sco.com/pub/.../SRPMS/mathrec-1.1c-1col.src.rpm (no longer available)
Gzip'd tar archive ftp://ftp2.sco.com/pub/skunkware/src/x11/misc/mathrec-1.1c.tar.gz

Julia and mandel are X11 clients. Julia can be used to display the popular Julia sets. These sets are calculated by iterating the map z -> z^2 + c where z and c are Complex numbers, c a specified parameter and z the initial condition.

Mandel calculates and displays the Mandelbrot set. This is done by iterating the same map, z -> z^2 + c, but here the initial condition is held fixed at the origin and c is varied over a specified subset of the Complex plane. An excellent on-line introduction to the Mandelbrot set by Robert L. Devaney is available at http://math.bu.edu/DYSYS/FRACGEOM/FRACGEOM.html.

To build the julia and mandel binaries, either use the Imakefile or the sample makefile - Makefile.std. To build with the Imakefile, first type "xmkmf" or "imake -DUseInstalled -I/usr/lib/X11/config" if your system doesn't have xmkmf. Then just type "make" and the julia binary will be built. To create the mandel binary, type "ln julia mandel" as it is just a link.

The manual pages can be formatted by typing "nroff -man julia.man > julia.doc" and "nroff -man mandel.man > mandel.doc".

To install julia, copy the julia binary to the desired location (the sample makefiles put it in /usr/local/bin) Copy the formatted man page to wherever you keep your local doc (i use /usr/man/cat.LOCAL for imaging software), then add that location to your MANPATH.
These programs and others like them are probably responsible for more CPU cycles than any other single application.
I have used these for years without harm.
Work Planned
manual pages.
Execute any or all of the shell scripts provided in /usr/local/mathrec/julia and /usr/local/mathrec/mandel.
Ideas, comments, additions, deletions, suggestions, bug reports, code review,... e-mail Ronald Record at rr@ronrecord.com