Welcome to ronrecord dot com

This is the personal website of Dr. Ronald Joe Record – mathematician, father, computer scientist, hippie, vintage audio buff, librarian, sun bather, funny dancer, arm waver, avid reader, chaos theorist, fractal art creator, gardener, co-inventor of the webtop, creator of automated artificially intelligent second life objects and avatars, curator of large collections of vinyl records tapes and books, audio recording format conversion lab, bamboo flutist, baseball card and autograph collector, environmentalist and political activist, poet, creator of new nostalgia, cinema buff 

My Story

I grew up in Enid, Oklahoma. My father was a baseball coach and athletic director, my mother runs a beauty college. I got a B.A. in Political Science, moved to Florida, ate mushrooms, became a hippie, traveled, worked to establish public land restoration projects, got a job at NASA, entered graduate school at UCSC, got a Ph.D. in Mathematics (Chaos Theory), got a job at SCO working on open source projects, co-invented the Webtop, created SCO Skunkware, worked at VMware on automation of business critical systems, restored 70s audio receivers & turntables, setup a cryptocurrency mining farm, wrote smart contracts, and read all of Tom Robbins’ novels.

Meet My Team

Go-Getter, Can-Doer, Pronoia Provocateur

Eyes and Ears

Extreme Librarian, Get-It-Doner, Truth Scientist


Willow Record

Student Traveler, Fun Scientist, Elan Prodigy


Media Scout, DJ, Mysteries Scientist


Visionary Artist, Cartoon Sound Effects


Historian, Poet, Believer


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